Mums and Bodies

Here is something enlightening. A piece about women’s bodies and how it changes after pregnancy. It’s not too preachy and just sheds some light and support for these women. Most women I know in real life who aren’t celebrities and had babies, look like this. I mean when we think of our moms and motherly women in general, is this not what u imagine? Plus a little chubbs on a woman is really good for baby.

I do often wonder though, celebrities aside,  how European women seem to keep really toned after a baby. Seemed like a norm. Interesting to see that that’s not really true. Not just countryside women get all fat and cellulite full. It’s a good slideshow.

Here’s the link to the site.


Really like this picture. But there are many more that convey more about body shape.


I think its good for women to see. Because like the lady says in the video, otherwise u feel really bad about your body after giving birth. And you shouldnt. Whatever u come out looking like, there are diffferent shapes. We dont all look the same, thats the msg in the end.



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