Captcha This Beatchessss

Yup that was a play on the B word. Lol.

Since I am gearing up for more adventures, I thought it’s time to upgrade to a camera that can keep up. I’ve been pretty torn between two options. One is the Sony Nex 6 which is pretty top of the line stuff. I figure it’s a good investment.


Howeveroos, this camera is expensive as hell. I’m not sure I can take full advantage of it with my level of skills at the moment. Loving the electronic viewfinder and built in flash tho! BUt u get what u pay for hey?

In the other corner, I have the lower range Nexs which don’t really impress me despite their high ratings on Cnet — my go to review guy. Because the menus are quite complex, they lack some features and that’s not so cool for the price.

Olympus caught my eye. But I just got on to the Samsung as well. I was gonna brush this aside because it’s Samsung but the salesguy kinda sold me on it.

Samsung NX300 is what it’s calledses. And I am muuuuch tempted. (Remember that MTV Asia ad “It’s veeeerryy dangelous” ? Love that one!)
Drop your opinions in if you are a beginner with serious photography respect getting your first kit! Could use the help.


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