Milk Money

Hung out with some friends today at we watched MIlk Money. It’s nice watching old movies really, when it was all feel good and movies made you dream and feel happy. I know everyone tries to poke holes in it these days, removing fantasy and facing harsh reality. But I quite liked the days when cinema was a feel-good thing. 

Watching back some of these movies though, you will find lots of hilarious things. But I did enjoy the show still. The subject is similar to Pretty Woman but also got us thinking about women’s image. How sweet we look in long floral dresses. How that was enough for men before but now we wear these short skirts. It was meant to be for us but how often do we dress like that for the men really? And why do they enjoy looking but are quick to judge and distance themselves. In the show a married man sleeps with a lady of the night but he calls her filth and feels the right to judge her though he has been with her. How do they learn to exclude themselves from the equation, for doing essentially the same thing. 

Funny how that works. 

Milk Money is the name of the movie. It’s light watching romantic comedy. 


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