Life’s Little Pleasures

In my bid to find inspiration, to rejuvenate my life and to gain ammo for future travels, I stumbled upon this story which really got to the heart of me.

A freelance travel writer tells about her time in a little Italian town where hardly anyone spoke English. A warm next door neighbour is the one who teaches her to communicate without speaking the same language. Read it here.

I remember some travels before. You look forward to the exciting things. But often it’s the very little things that stay with you and warm you. This is why I want to travel again. Yes I can read about grand sights and make grand plans, but in the end, it’s the one or two people who make these small gestures that warm your  heart and remind you that mankind is kind.

It doesn’t make the news if someone handed you a flower for no reason. It makes the news if they punched you in the nose. That is newsworthy, and that is how it works – hard to fight. Imagine a newspaper full of nice things? I don’t know if people would really read that. It doesn’t entice us as much. It is about the things out of the ordinary. Maybe that is hope that nice things are ordinary and expected?

Anyway in this tale, she talks about everything from the gap in the lady’s teeth to how she learnt not to hang laundry at a certain time after this old lady wags her finger at her. Being invited in, being “bugged” daily by a neighbour showing up at your door for a walk..

This may seem annoying, or it might GET annoying after some time, but these are the human relations that we need. When we are old fools, would we want to be so sad that no one cares to talk to us though we have lived so much of our lives? Or would we like to be able to knock on the door of our young neighbour and hang out with them?

This story lightens my heart. And reminds me why sometimes I really want to escape the city.



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