Nanny Fine

Do you remember watching The Nanny way back in the 90s? It was one of those light humour shows that is still worthy of re-runs. Fran Drescher of course was completely memorable and surprisingly likeable for that shrill nasal voice of hers.



Now it seems that part of it was based on real life. It’s kind of confusing actually because people on the internet do make up stories sometimes. Apparently Fran Drescher always stars as “Fran” something in her roles on TV — unimaginative? But it’s probably because these tv series are based in part on her real life.

Most interestingly, the producer on The Nanny was her husband at the time. Now they are working on a series called Happily Divorced which is about their real life, where he came out as a gay man after 20 years of marriage but the two remain close. Hmm. All very strange but rather interesting that they are cordial and can work on new projects together. Also strangely open about it.

It started from a post I read on tumblr claiming Fran had been through quite a few ordeals but continues to smile and laugh through life. Many comedians have actually gone through lots of pain so that’s not surprising (but no less admirable). Seems she also runs for quite a few human rights campaigns in different fields. She’s quite a character, I imagine.

I admit I would judge someone with a voice like that as being vain and fluffy. This makes me think twice.

Also, her voice doesn’t seem so shrill in that video I posted but on Ellen, her voice was just like The Nanny. Hmm which is for real?


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