Do Nothing or Do Spectacular

After being hit by something big and emotional, I wasn’t sure whether to do everything or nothing. I’m not talking about whether to curl in a ball at home or spend time in the mall. I mean, do you react with every bout of emotion? Do you get mad then go and get your hair cut and coloured and sign up for rock climbing and sky diving? Or do you do your best to carry on your routine and not-react — don’t flip out, don’t speak in the moment. Which to do?

I find that I often have the shakes alone. I get mad on paper. I process it in the safety of my room. I process it alone. Only afterward, I talk to the other person.

There isn’t some well thought out idea here, just how I do it. But putting some thought into it now, maybe it is wiser. Because my opinion/feelings can change from day to day. From mad to understanding to mad again… maybe it saves you from ruining everything on an impulsive reaction.

On the other hand, emotions are there for a reason. Maybe it IS warranted to let it out.

I read this piece on thoughtcatalog and it suggests doing nothing. And it makes sense.



But I also think change is good. I’d give it a while, the doing nothing, and as soon as I am remotely balanced again … I’d go. Go do something. And for me, that’s usually travel. Being on the road, people are friendly, things are new, little things gain new significance. And being noticed by foreign men can do wonders for your ego. Suddenly you see yourself a new way. And sudden bravery to try something you wouldn’t do at home, it makes you feel proud of yourself and that is so worth it.

I love reading travel sites and travel blogs and seeing what’s out there. Especially when you hear stories of how people make it for a long time and change their lifestyle… I don’t what it is about hopping on an airplane and being someplace new that really gets down to our bones.

escapeI’ve been visiting random sites and getting excited about possibly going somewhere. Was very tempted by some of the airfares of this season’s airline deals from Malaysia (especially to Australia, so sunny and greeeen), but I’m not done with the doing nothing phase. But its nice to have something to look forward to. Worldhum is one of my favourites because they have a collection. But I really like the ones run by one individual — they are much more personal. Kristin Luna inspires me cos she’s a girly 🙂 She’s not super tough but she’s independent and DOES stuff. I want to be like that!!

So nothing. Then go big. That’s my idea!


How do you deal when you are emotional about something that happened in your life?


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