Funny Game Show Contestants

Love the days of the old game shows. It was kinda feel good, not always the need to sensationalize. Still really fun to watch today, like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Used to play Family Feud on my pc years ago too.

The best part really is when you have a hilarious contestant or one who says the most asburd answers. This is an awesome compilation of random/hilarious/weird answers by contestants on a bunch of different gameshows. Sure to make you laugh 🙂


Mums and Bodies

Here is something enlightening. A piece about women’s bodies and how it changes after pregnancy. It’s not too preachy and just sheds some light and support for these women. Most women I know in real life who aren’t celebrities and had babies, look like this. I mean when we think of our moms and motherly women in general, is this not what u imagine? Plus a little chubbs on a woman is really good for baby.

I do often wonder though, celebrities aside,  how European women seem to keep really toned after a baby. Seemed like a norm. Interesting to see that that’s not really true. Not just countryside women get all fat and cellulite full. It’s a good slideshow.

Here’s the link to the site.


Really like this picture. But there are many more that convey more about body shape.


I think its good for women to see. Because like the lady says in the video, otherwise u feel really bad about your body after giving birth. And you shouldnt. Whatever u come out looking like, there are diffferent shapes. We dont all look the same, thats the msg in the end.


Captcha This Beatchessss

Yup that was a play on the B word. Lol.

Since I am gearing up for more adventures, I thought it’s time to upgrade to a camera that can keep up. I’ve been pretty torn between two options. One is the Sony Nex 6 which is pretty top of the line stuff. I figure it’s a good investment.


Howeveroos, this camera is expensive as hell. I’m not sure I can take full advantage of it with my level of skills at the moment. Loving the electronic viewfinder and built in flash tho! BUt u get what u pay for hey?

In the other corner, I have the lower range Nexs which don’t really impress me despite their high ratings on Cnet — my go to review guy. Because the menus are quite complex, they lack some features and that’s not so cool for the price.

Olympus caught my eye. But I just got on to the Samsung as well. I was gonna brush this aside because it’s Samsung but the salesguy kinda sold me on it.

Samsung NX300 is what it’s calledses. And I am muuuuch tempted. (Remember that MTV Asia ad “It’s veeeerryy dangelous” ? Love that one!)
Drop your opinions in if you are a beginner with serious photography respect getting your first kit! Could use the help.

Milk Money

Hung out with some friends today at we watched MIlk Money. It’s nice watching old movies really, when it was all feel good and movies made you dream and feel happy. I know everyone tries to poke holes in it these days, removing fantasy and facing harsh reality. But I quite liked the days when cinema was a feel-good thing. 

Watching back some of these movies though, you will find lots of hilarious things. But I did enjoy the show still. The subject is similar to Pretty Woman but also got us thinking about women’s image. How sweet we look in long floral dresses. How that was enough for men before but now we wear these short skirts. It was meant to be for us but how often do we dress like that for the men really? And why do they enjoy looking but are quick to judge and distance themselves. In the show a married man sleeps with a lady of the night but he calls her filth and feels the right to judge her though he has been with her. How do they learn to exclude themselves from the equation, for doing essentially the same thing. 

Funny how that works. 

Milk Money is the name of the movie. It’s light watching romantic comedy. 

Relax and Take a Dive

It has been a bit of a rough week and I really would like to get away and relax on a beach somewhere. Just to do nothing and just catch some sun seems really nice. Some SPACE to think or not think. Just be. Would be really really nice.

I have got my eye on Sipadan. It is a really beautiful place in Malaysia, coastal with really scenic nature. I think it would be a great place to just relax. But I am also feeling quite adventurous. After looking it up online, I found that Sipadan is one of the top dive spots in the world and I thought it would make a pretty cool holiday to learn a new skill like diving. This website gives quite a lot of info and some nice images that really makes me want to escape there.

Quoted from there:

Recommended Sipadan Dive Packages

Voted the world’s best beach dive site and one of the world’s top night dive site award in 1993 by the influential consumer based In-depth Dive Magazine, an incredible number of divers have continuously been drawn to scuba diving holidays in Sipadan. This list of hand-picked dive packages offers the best of scuba diving in Sipadan.

Boom. I think I’m sold. All that’s left is figuring out how much it will cost me to get there. Time to check out wego and expedia and see what flight deals are out there for me to get to sabah, hopefully one of the budget airlines for a quick journey. If not, bus it is. Don’t mind coaches if I have company but I will have to find some friends then.. Could be a good thing… We’ll see! Adventures await.

Life’s Little Pleasures

In my bid to find inspiration, to rejuvenate my life and to gain ammo for future travels, I stumbled upon this story which really got to the heart of me.

A freelance travel writer tells about her time in a little Italian town where hardly anyone spoke English. A warm next door neighbour is the one who teaches her to communicate without speaking the same language. Read it here.

I remember some travels before. You look forward to the exciting things. But often it’s the very little things that stay with you and warm you. This is why I want to travel again. Yes I can read about grand sights and make grand plans, but in the end, it’s the one or two people who make these small gestures that warm your  heart and remind you that mankind is kind.

It doesn’t make the news if someone handed you a flower for no reason. It makes the news if they punched you in the nose. That is newsworthy, and that is how it works – hard to fight. Imagine a newspaper full of nice things? I don’t know if people would really read that. It doesn’t entice us as much. It is about the things out of the ordinary. Maybe that is hope that nice things are ordinary and expected?

Anyway in this tale, she talks about everything from the gap in the lady’s teeth to how she learnt not to hang laundry at a certain time after this old lady wags her finger at her. Being invited in, being “bugged” daily by a neighbour showing up at your door for a walk..

This may seem annoying, or it might GET annoying after some time, but these are the human relations that we need. When we are old fools, would we want to be so sad that no one cares to talk to us though we have lived so much of our lives? Or would we like to be able to knock on the door of our young neighbour and hang out with them?

This story lightens my heart. And reminds me why sometimes I really want to escape the city.


Happy Tunes: 90s Throwback

For all you 80s babies out there who grew up with the music of the 90s, this is going to make you laugh so hard. Check out this website called the90sbutton. It is full of all the tacky stuff we had in the 90s, like faded jeans, flat top haircuts, synthesizers, sparkly animated gifs on every webpage and David Hasselhoff. Seriously, just try it.

Loving the playlist!

What’s up with NKOTB being old in their videos though?? Did the guys actually think it was a good idea to reshoot this stuff? Especially Danny Wahlberg, WASSUP?!